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.Taylor University Seal

My client for this project was for the VP of Intercultural Leadership and Church Relations at Taylor University. He had just been put into this role and wanted a seal to symbolize the 5 pillars of his department. I created the first seal in a round format, unfortunately Taylor University did not allow departments to have seals since it would compete with their own. For this reason we moved to a chest shape.

  1. God at the Center
    I used a cross to symbolize God as their center of their department.
  2. Build on Strengths
    Strength is symbolized by the anchor.
  3. Celebrate and Engage
    This is symbolized by the palm branch, a Biblical symbol of the celebration from the triumphal entry of Jesus.
  4. Recognize the Struggles
    I used a chain to recognize the past struggle of intercultural relations.
  5. Amazing Hospitality
    Finally the hands are to represent hospitality coming from every nation and tongue.

Other Symbols:

Stain glass window | the Church
46 ticks around the window | The opening of Taylor University in 1846
V | The Five Pillars
Finally, II Timothy 1:7 is their department's theme verse.