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Hello, I'm Hannah.

I am passionate about creative expression and how it can be used to address and solve problems. Art has the power to communicate and speak to people from different cultures and backgrounds. I enjoy being a part of the conversation and using my gifts to help bring people together.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I would love to connect with you. Thanks for exploring my work and I hope you enjoyed it.

Education Background

Cedarville University
Major: Bachelor of Art, Visual Communication: Graphic Design
Minors: Studio Art, Biblical Studies


Cincinnati, OH

1(207) 540-2655



Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dimension
Adobe XD

Employment Experience

Answers in Genesis
Print Designer: Petersburg, KY | 05/19–Currently Working
Designing in a fast pace environment taught me to pay attention to the details, enhance the most important information in a design piece, and how to talk with the requester concisely. I had the opportunity to create and work with several different brands in a wide variety of formats for several different audiences. I also worked with offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and South America.

Christian Alliance for Orphans
Design Intern: Remote Position | 01/17–05/19
Working remotely has taught me the importance of communicating concisely and how to describe creative concepts and visuals through words. In order to be successful at working remotely, one must be organized, creating your own deadlines and goals for each project.

Cedarville University Student Development–Residence Life
Resident Assistant (RA): Cedarvillle, OH | 08/18–Present
This job was unique in the fact that you are always on call while on campus. It demands flexibility and patience. Through this role, I have learned how to navigate hard conversations, conflict, and anticipating the needs of others.

My Interior Stylist
Freelance: Brisbane, AU (Remote) | 07/18–12/18
How you approach a client from another country looks different then working with someone from your own. Some phrases do not translate, so it is important to use language that both parties can understand. I also learned that graphic style changes from culture to culture so I tailored my work accordingly.

Resound Radio
Graphic Designer: Cedarville, OH | 08/16–05/18
Working for a radio station allowed me to translate audio into visuals, trying to capture the personalties and atmosphere of the station. I also worked with a media team, creating graphics that resonated with their intended audience.

Aroostook State Farm
Research Assistant: Presque Isle, ME | 05/16–08/16
Working on a farm taught me the value of hard work. Along with farming, there was a research element that taught me the importance of collecting data and what it can tell you about an intended subject.