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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Retail Space

Working in retail makes you think in 3D rather then 2D. To wrap my head around the space, I used Adobe Dimension to make a simple 3D mock up. This made it so I was able to move things around and visualize what the space might look like.

These were the objectives for this retail space:

  1. Sell what we are already selling well
    The apparel, cups, and books were selling well, so I put these at eye level to keep sales up.
  2. Help push the hardest thing to sell
    This was the wall display because of how big it was. There are only certain instances where this piece could be used and it wasn't packaged well. To call attention to it, I used a floor sticker. This makes people stop and look at it, increasing sales.
  3. Make the uniqueness of this product line more visible. 
    The most unique product was the box you could buy that had the entire exhibit inside it. I gave this product an entire column to try and display its features. One of those features was the lenticulars that created a 3D image when you moved it from side to side. I created a way that the shopper could flip through them to see this 3D effect.