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Ark Cribbage Board

This was a project that exercised many parts of being a graphic designer.

  1. A Passionate Client
    My client had a special place in his heart for this game. He use to play it with a dear friend of his who had passed away the previous year. After supplying him with a general concept of what I had in mind, we worked together to get it exactly how he wanted it. Having options to show him was really helpful to start the conversation and to help understand what the client really wanted.
  2. Working with Another Artist
    This whole build was inspired by the work of an artist named Oscar Nava. We worked together to create the playing cards that would be used in the game. I provided the research, colors, direction, and packaging while he did the illustrations.
  3. Mechanics of the Board
    As well as designing the board, I set the file up so that a manufacture could create the mechanics of the board. Making simple instruction sheets, and sending a sample made by our fabrication team, made it easy for our vendor to recreate it. Because of all the upfront work, there was only one round of edits with our vendor overseas.