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Ark Encounter Bus Advertisements

Getting on the transportation buses as guests make their way to the Ark Encounter is one of the first impressions they have. Instead of doing the traditional blocky panel advertisements that line the top of the bus, I wanted to create something that flowed from one panel to the next cohesively. I thought through the different entrances to the bus and what panels the guests would see first as they entered and exited. I also thought about the information that would be seen the most based on its location being more toward the middle or the ends of the buses.

For the design, I used imagery that would make the guests excited about their experience and encourage them to seek out more information on the portrayed topic. I contained the pictures in a wave like shapes that flow from one into the other and used a wavy background to simulate water. I also used icons to help relate the pictured experiences with places on their maps.

Design, Marketing, Layout