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Cedarville Self-Mailer

Cedarville Self-Mailer

How do you make someone feel special in design? That was the task for this collaborative project. As a perspective student, the feeling of being a part of something is something to consider when picking a university. It was important to convey a welcoming feeling, so like every good conversation, we started with hello. The font that we choose was purposeful to invite the perspective student to open the letter. The language within the self-mailer, along with the photos are used to make the reader feel special, inviting them to take the next step to schedule a campus visit. The final piece of the self-mailer is a poster that the perspective student can hang in their locker or bedroom. The picture shows one of the campus’ iconic buildings at night and was the winner of a student wide photo contest. Hexagons are threaded throughout the self-mailer to unify the piece and to reinforce Cedarville University’s identity.

Design, Layout, Marketing